Acura reveals first images all-electric Precision EV

The electric car should appear in 2024


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Acura today unveiled the Acura Precision EV concept showcasing the future design language of the high-performance brand as it prepares to usher in the era of electrification starting in 2024 with an all-electric SUV. The electric car was created by Acura Design Studio in Los Angeles to push the boundaries of Acura design and technology, showcasing a vision for the future of electric vehicles with crisp manual controls and fully automated driving.

The Acura Precision EV Concept features a modern approach to lighting that showcases an electrified powertrain through an evolution of the Acura Diamond Pentagon grille, Chicane DRL signature, and new "Particle Glitch" lighting on the front and rear. The emotive "Particle Glitch" design theme is echoed on the spokes of the concept's striking 23-inch wheels.


The performance-oriented design can be translated into "Instinctive drive", which puts the steering wheel within reach of the driver and red accent lighting illuminates the cabin. But in the autonomous driving mode, called "Spiritual Lounge", the steering wheel retracts into the dashboard, the red color is replaced by cool blue, and soothing underwater graphics are displayed on the infotainment and instrument cluster screens.


The Acura Precision EV Concept continues to build on the Precision Crafted Performance “Seamless and Dynamic” exterior design language, with a prominent front fascia to highlight the next-generation backlit seamless fascia for electric vehicles. Low-detail "Particle Glitch" explores what the performance of an electric vehicle could look like as Acura moves towards its electrified future

According to the company, the interior is made from environmentally friendly materials, creating a unique premium finish, including marbled recycled plastic trim and 100% biomass leather. All of the aluminum used, as well as the voluminous green cast acrylic that forms the additional controls on the steering wheel, were made from recycled materials. FSC certified milled wood harvested from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits, adding warmth and connection to nature.

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