Acura showed a teaser concept of the new Precision EV electric crossover

Details will be announced at Monterey Car Week on August 18th


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Honda is preparing an electric crossover called Acura Precision EV. The car should show a new direction for the development of the brand and at the same time try to maintain the traditional design style.

Acura has not yet provided any information. The company promises to reveal all the details at a special Monterey Car Week event on August 18. It is only known that it will definitely be completely electric, since Acura has abandoned hybrid power plants and plans to deal exclusively with electric cars.

The American GM Ultium platform will most likely be used as the basis for the Acura Precision EV, and the power plant will most likely also be American. It is even planned to produce a crossover at GM facilities in Spring Hill, Tennessee, and together with the Cadillac Lyriq. The Japanese plan to annually sell 30,000 electric crossovers under the Acura brand.

Acura, of course, is not going to stop at this. In 2026, Honda will unveil its unique e:Architecture, which will power future electric Acura. This does not mean that cooperation with GM will stop. The partners have a whole line of electric state employees designed for the markets of South and North America, as well as China.

It is possible that Acura Precision EV in the serial incarnation will receive a different name. At the end of last year, the Japanese registered the name ADX, which the future SUV can try on.

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