All-electric Alfa Romeo Giulia 2027

Alfa Romeo to phase out internal combustion engines in favor of electric vehicles by 2027


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Alfa Romeo is finalizing its plan to become an all-electric car company by 2027, and its compact executive car Giulia will survive the transition by becoming an electric vehicle. It is expected to be based on the Stellantis STLA Large architecture that will also underpin other electric vehicles from the Italian brand.

According to Stellantis' investor information, the Giulia EV base will provide a range of at least 800 km with battery capacities ranging from 101 to 118 kWh. This would give the car the longest range of any electric vehicle in the UK, beating out the Mercedes EQS. It will also have class-leading fast charging capability, extending range to 20 miles per minute.

Alfa Romeo has a future for the Giulia and it will work with SUVs too because we are Chinese and we are Americans but this Giulia shape is fantastic I don't want to lose it

Stellantis will have three drive modules at its disposal, with a third offering 400V or 800V technology and up to 443hp per motor. This means that a twin-engine all-wheel drive setup will be used to achieve the required level of performance.

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