Audi A3 from 2027 will be produced only as an electric vehicle

The A3 compact car should be offered in the next generation as an electric vehicle


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The Volkswagen subsidiary has already announced that from 2026 new models will only be launched on the global market with a fully battery drive. The company claims that large, high-quality and powerful electric vehicles are planned.

The A3 is now available with diesel, petrol and plug-in hybrid drive. The next generation will be an electric car called the e-tron, which will appear around 2027. The vehicle will be built on an electric flat-bottom SSP (Scalable Systems Platform).

With the SSP, Volkswagen wants to use the same foundation for even more brands and models in the group to benefit from economies of scale. This includes standard battery packs, a new electronic structure and a new operating system that should enable Level 4 autonomous driving at prices suitable for the masses. The range must be more than 700 kilometers according to the WLTP method, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than five seconds.

SSP has made significant progress on the Trinity project, which is expected to lead to a flagship electric car for the mass market of the core VW brand in 2026.

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