Audi showed a teaser concept of the futuristic SUV Activesphere

The electric car will replace the Audi TT coupe


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Audi has unveiled a teaser for a new concept vehicle called Activesphere, showing a potential production car to replace the TT Coupe when it goes on sale.

The Audi Activesphere crossover coupe is the latest of four "Sphere" concepts that include the brand's Skysphere model, soon followed by the Grandsphere concept. Earlier this year, the Urbansphere concept was also unveiled.

Each Sphere concept hints at the future direction of the brand, not only in design but also in the possible type of products the German firm intends to offer. Audi hasn't given much information about its latest model, but it's known that it's designed for automated driving and will be all-electric.

The Activesphere shape shows a fast SUV with wide off-road tires and a long hood. Audi says the car will "offer maximum versatility for an active lifestyle". Details such as ultra-thin headlights, an angular grille and wide wheel arches are all design cues we've seen on other Sphere concepts.

Audi hasn't announced the concept's specs yet, but like the Urbansphere, the Activesphere could be based on Audi's PPE platform, which could mean around 120kWh of battery power for a range of over 700km on a single charge.

The Activesphere is the only SUV of the four models, as the Skysphere takes the form of a two-door convertible with an emphasis on autonomous driving, the Grandsphere an ultra-luxury four-door sedan, and the Urbansphere will appear as a practical MPV-style car for metropolitan areas with an emphasis on interior space.

The company has described the interior of the concept as a "third living space", so the Activesphere cabin is expected to boast more space and advanced screen projection and gesture recognition technology. The electric car will debut early next year.

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