Buick has unveiled an electric car concept called the Wildcat EV.

The brand's first electric vehicle will be launched next year.


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The new coupe concept is interesting, with a 2+2 layout and distinctive semi-hinged doors. The Wildcat has a bold design, angular front end, sharp creases and ultra-slim headlights with micro-LED technology. It's a bold look that seems like a radical evolution of the brand's current style.

The trapezoidal grille sits low under Buick's new streamlined badging. Buick hasn't revealed powertrain details for the concept, but has paid attention to the interior and exterior. Wildcat EV sport taillights are built into the roof sail panels, and 18-inch Jet Age style wheels complete the package.

The Wildcat features two digital screens, a slim instrument panel, and cockpit-style seats with cantilevered headrests that look wildly retro and sleek. A protruding center console separates passengers, while contrasting colors make the interior bright and saturated. The car is equipped with new technologies, artificial intelligence, aromatherapy and biometrics. The vehicle is even designed to detect drivers' anxiety and work to calm them down by dimming interior lights, activating massage seats and releasing delicious aromas.

Buick announced along with the Wildcat electric vehicle, announced that it will be an all-electric brand by the end of the decade. Next year, the company will launch its first electric vehicle under the Electra brand.

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