Cadillac has unveiled a teaser of the Celestiq electric car

The Celestiq will arrive as a 2023 model and will be Cadillac's flagship vehicle in the brand's next-generation lineup


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The company said it has published a new Celestiq "quick review", calling the car "the forerunner of an all-new electric flagship from the American luxury brand."

The Celestiq will be Cadillac's future flagship electric vehicle, it embodies everything the brand is working towards as it becomes an all-electric brand in the future. The Celestiq will be a testament to the future of Cadillac design, technology and performance.

The new Cadillac Celestiq promises to be one of the most expensive electric vehicles to date. According to General Motors, it was designed to rethink the possibilities of future design and technology. It is built on GM's own Ultium platform, which will be used in all future GM electric vehicles.

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