Chinese Jidu introduced the modern model Robo-01

The company presented its own electric car


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Back in 2020, the Chinese IT corporation Baidu announced the creation of an electric vehicle division, which was called Jidu. Almost two years later, the first ROBODAY event took place, at which the futuristic crossover Robo-01 was presented.

The main feature of the model will be advanced technology. First of all, these are pixelated AI headlights, autopilot and chips with high computing power. Even the color scheme is unique. Each of the five colors available for Robo-01 can change in several shades at once. The front optics are very modern, it has artificial intelligence built in, which can interact with the environment and convey emotions in the form of emoticons.

The salon can be characterized by the words "minimalistic" and "futuristic". On the front panel is a very large touch screen, which combines both the driver's dashboard and multimedia system. An unusually shaped steering wheel is installed in front of the driver, capable of “driving” into the front panel. Also, the car is equipped with a modern function for recognizing the driver's emotions and can change some parameters (for example, the temperature in the cabin) depending on his mood.

Specifications are not yet known. It is only known that two Nvidia Orin X chips are responsible for the operation of the autopilot. In addition, the car is equipped with 31 sensors, two lidars, five radars, twelve ultrasonic radars and twelve cameras.

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