Dacia unveils Manifesto electric SUV concept

The concept will not be mass-produced


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Romanian car manufacturer Dacia, owned by Renault, has unveiled its Manifesto concept. The rugged two-seater off-road buggy foreshadows the brand's future as it reinvents itself for the next chapter in its history.

While the Dacia Manifesto won't be a production car, the technology and solutions on board will affect the features we'll potentially see in future models. New vehicles such as the next Duster SUV due in 2024 and the Bigster family SUV due in 2025 seem likely candidates.


Dacia claims that without a windshield or doors on the Manifesto, occupants can be closer to nature, but the car also features next-generation Dacia Bring-Your-Own-Device technology so they can stay connected in the great outdoors.

The Dacia Media Control app has been designed with sleepiness in mind and can use physical and health data entered manually or collected from wearable devices such as smartwatches to prompt owners when to take a break from driving.

The new Dacia YouClip system will also debut at Manifesto. This is a simple solution that allows you to place various modules and accessories on the dashboard within reach of the driver and passenger.

Combined with a single LED headlight that can be removed and used as a torch or flashlight, this is in line with Dacia's growing focus on lifestyle and an active customer base. The car clamshell designed for the Jogger brand is the latest incarnation of this.

The Manifesto Concept is also equipped with a 22.5 kWh removable battery that provides power through a normal household outlet and can be used outdoors away from the mains.

The SUV has large wheels with puncture-resistant airless tires, all-wheel drive (Dacia did not reveal any powertrain features for the concept) and good ground clearance to improve off-road capability.

Dacia also claims that you can clean the interior of a car with a jet wash - provided you first remove the fabric seat covers, which can also be used as sleeping bags. A roof rack with multiple load-bearing bar configurations and elastic straps throughout the vehicle add to the practicality.

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