Electric city crossover Renault 4ever.

The French company has announced a car, the release is expected in 2025.


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The styling of the Renault 4ever will indeed be inspired by the historic R4, whose boxy design with large tailgate was revolutionary over 60 years ago. Current chief designer Gilles Vidal describes the look of the new version as "retro-modern".

A grille reminiscent of the historic model is fitted with stylized LED headlights. Added to this is a third side window, typical of most classic Renault 4s, which is built into the C-pillars.

The original model's five-door configuration was retained, but with the size and proportions of a zero-emissions crossover. The most interesting technical element of the Renault 4ever is the use of the CMF-B/EV electric architecture, a battery-electric evolution of the CMF-B platform already used in the Renault Clio, Captur and Nissan Juke models.

The car will be built at the ElectriCity manufacturing facility in northern France between the Douai, Maubeuge and Ruitz factories. The batteries are developed in collaboration with Envision AESC and Verkor based on Lithium and Nickel, Manganese, Cobalt Oxide (NMC) technology.

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