Hyundai N reveals RN22e concept based on Ioniq 6

The company tests and validates advanced technologies to apply them to future production models


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Hyundai gave a glimpse into the future of its high-performance electric vehicles with the RN22e concept car. Hyundai RN22e, based on the new Ioniq 6 sedan and pointing the way to the hot production car Ioniq 6 N.

Front and rear electric motors RN22e develop a total power of 569 hp. and 740 Nm of torque. Acceleration time from 0 to 60 mph is just 3.5 seconds, while the concept also retains the fast charging capability of the 800V compliant E-GMP platform.

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The RN22e includes a number of technological features that enhance driving pleasure. Torque vectoring with the dual clutch gives the concept a "cornering feel", Hyundai says. The weight savings also come from the use of 3D printed parts, while the four-piston monobloc calipers and 400mm hybrid design brake discs are designed to handle the extra weight of the EV and have regenerative braking at the same level as existing N models. RN22e designed for both track and daily use on the road.

The concept car is also equipped with N Sound+ technology, which is said to increase the level of excitement by introducing artificial noise through the speakers - this technology is similar to the e-ASD technology introduced in the new Ioniq 6. There's also a N e-shift that adds vibration and feel that's meant to replicate shifting gears.

The RN22e concept is slightly longer, lower and wider than the Ioniq 6 it is based on. It is approximately 70mm wider on each side than the stock Ioniq 6 car, helping to create an aggressive stance.

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