Italy to launch production of Opel and DS flagship cars

Sources say that Stellantis plans to manufacture mid-size electric vehicles for Opel Vauxhall and DS at the Melfi plant.


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From 2024, the group will produce new full electric models for the DS and Volkswagen Vauxhall, according to the documents, due to the fact that the group will redistribute the assembly of its models to European plants. Models will be built in Melfi (Italy), in the south.

Production of the DS model, internally codenamed D85 and also potentially named DS-9 Crossback, will begin in late 2024, RFQ vendor requests have shown. The model is expected to be a medium-sized five-door fastback with a higher seating position, proportions similar to China's 4800mm Citroen C5 X.

Starting in 2025, it is followed by a sister car that will replace the Opel Vulgel Insignia model, which was developed by General Motors when Opel owned mid-2010. Insingnia is produced in Germany. The new mid-sized electric car was developed under the code name of the OV85 project.

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