Letin Mango is a new Chinese four-door electric car.

In China, a five-seater electric car with a 48 hp engine was introduced. with., power reserve up to 300 km and price from $5900.


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The new car is noticeably larger than the previous leader of the Chinese electric auto industry - the two-door Wuling Hongguang MINIEV - and can accommodate a driver and four passengers instead of two people in the case of a Wuling Hongguang MINIEV.

The wheelbase of Letin Mango is 2442 mm. The dimensions of the novelty are 3622 × 1607 × 1525 mm. The car is equipped with a large 9-inch screen on the center console, 5G communication, air conditioning and a driver assistance system.

The Letin Mango electric car is powered by a 48 hp electric motor. With. (peak torque - 125 N • m), it is three times weaker than in the case of promising Russian electric vehicles Evolute. But the traction battery can be selected among models with a capacity of 11.52, 17.28 and 29.44 kWh, which will affect the range: 130, 185 or 300 km. Accordingly, this will affect the price of an electric car. In the maximum configuration, the purchase price will increase from $5900 to $8900.

Letin Mango is specially designed for people with a modest monthly income of around 1,000 yuan (about $150). There are hundreds of millions of such people in China. However, Letin Mango will be sold not only in China. Planned deliveries to Cambodia, South Korea, Panama, Peru and Brazil.

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