Lexus presented photos of the future electric sports car.

The company has published new images, animations and initial information about the sports car.


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Lexus describes the car as the next generation all-electric sports car. It will be part of a series of battery electric vehicles that the brand will bring to market by 2030. Lexus wants to fully exploit the potential of electrification and offer customers a new level of driving pleasure.

The new sports car symbolizes the future of the brand with its distinctive proportions and low vehicle height, while at the same time reviving the spirit of the LFA super sports car. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h will take no more than 2 seconds. Thanks to the solid-state battery, the electric range is more than 700 kilometers.

Lexus does not disclose details about the model. When exactly it will appear on the market is still unknown. The RZ SUV will be launched this year as the first electric vehicle of the latest generation. In addition to this model and sports car, a large SUV and a battery-powered sports sedan are also planned.

The fact that the electric sports car will have a solid-state battery suggests it won't launch until the middle of the decade.

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