Lightyear 0 Production Solar EV is presented as an improved Lightyear One.

The company has made significant design changes inside and out and has announced the final specifications.


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The Dutch electric vehicle startup has unveiled a production version of its solar-powered vehicle, which has been rebranded as the Lightyear 0, the vehicle is an evolution of the Lightyear One in both design and performance.

Changes include revised bumpers, new headlights and taillights, illuminated badge connecting the headlights, new door handles, side cameras moved from the doors to the front fenders to a lower position.

Specifications are also improved, with a WLTP range of 625 km, and additional 5 square meter solar arrays, adding an additional 70 km per day under ideal conditions, 365 days of sunshine adding up to 11,000 km. The company believes that in a cloudy climate, the car's solar panels will produce enough electricity to cover 35 kilometers a day.

In terms of charging, the Lightyear 0 does not require recharging for two months with an average range of about 35 kilometers per day, or up to 7 months in sunnier countries.

When charging is needed, Lightyear 0 can charge its 60 kWh battery pack at up to 520 kilometers per hour (fast DC charging), 200 kilometers per hour (public charging) or 32 kilometers per hour (home charging). Solar panels charge the battery at a maximum speed of 10 kilometers per hour.

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