The Lightyear One will be in production from the end of summer 2022.

Lightyear has announced the imminent start of mass production of its electric sedan with integrated solar panels.


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A Dutch startup has announced that One's core technology has been validated and the focus is now on providing vehicles. Important next steps include crash testing and road traffic approval.

Once all testing has been completed, final details will be provided to contract manufacturer Valmet Automotive. From the end of the summer, the first copies of One should roll off the assembly line in Finland. According to the company, the first 150 copies of the One Pioneer Edition, priced at €150,000, have already been sold out. The rest of the cars are asking for a much higher price: the second reserved model series called "Limited Edition" costs 250,000 euros.

Last year, the One prototype traveled 440 miles (708 km) on a single battery charge. To achieve this, the developers focused on the aerodynamics and economy of the system. With built-in solar technology, the 60 kWh drive battery can be charged for approximately 45 miles (72 km) on a sunny day.

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