Lotus introduces the electric "hyper SUV" Eletre.

British sports car brand Lotus will only market electric cars in the future.


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Eletre, as befits a modern car, works without an internal combustion engine. This is an all-electric crossover, and not only fast, but also big. The length of the machine is 5103 mm with a weight of just under 2 tons. For such a large electric machine, the mass turned out to be quite small.

The vehicle is equipped with 441 kW (600 hp) electric all-wheel drive. Acceleration to hundreds will be 2.9 seconds, top speed 260 km / h. Power for the drive comes from a battery with a capacity of more than 100 kWh, which should provide a range of about 600 kilometers. It can be charged up to 22 kW from AC devices as standard. Fast public DC speakers should be able to charge batteries with up to 350 kW of electricity for 400 kilometers in 20 minutes.

With such dimensions and characteristics, the SUV must move especially dynamically and sportily. The car also has the "most advanced active aerodynamic package" of any production SUV and intelligent driving technologies for automated driving, such as a lidar system.

The Eletre is the first in Lotus' line of "premium electric vehicles" to be built at a new manufacturing facility in Wuhan, China. The brand has been part of the Chinese group Geely for several years, but emphasizes that the design of the Eletre was developed in the UK.

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