Maxus MIFA 9 electric minivan arrives in the UK.

The all-electric minivan will go on sale in the UK in early 2023.


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Chinese firm Maxus has launched its first passenger car in the UK, the Maxus MIFA 9, an electric minivan set to hit the roads in early 2023. MIFA stands for "Maximum, Intelligent, Friendly and Artistic". This is a full-size electric minivan, and it uses a platform that can be used for future SUVs and pickups.

The MIFA 9 was unveiled in the UK at CV 2022 in Birmingham, where it debuted alongside the T90EV electric pickup. The MIFA 9 is a 5.3 meter full-size minivan and has a seven-seat 2-2-3 layout similar to that used in vehicles such as the Volkswagen Multivan and the old Chrysler Grand Voyager. To highlight the MIFA 9's upmarket aspirations, there are power sliding doors and a power tailgate, and the middle row features individual executive-style seats on rails in the floor so they can be moved to increase legroom as needed.

In front, the MIFA 9 is equipped with a touchscreen display and digital gauges, while Maxus claims the MPV is equipped with an "intelligent driving assistant" that automatically recognizes driving style via data and "scripted driving", although what that means in everyday use , remains unchanged.

The power of the MIFA 9 is provided by a single 241 hp electric motor. and a torque of 350 Nm. This is due to the large 93 kWh battery. At launch, Maxus quotes NEDC verified range figures of up to 323 miles on a full charge - expect the official WLTP figure to be less. No details were given about the charging capabilities, but since SAIC is also the parent company for MG, there is every reason to believe that Maxus will use the same charging technology that the firm uses.

Prices for MIFA 9 will be announced later in the summer ahead of the order book opening in August, with first deliveries expected in the new year. Either way, MIFA 9 will enter the electric vehicle market, which is relatively small for passenger vehicles. The Mercedes EQV or Tesla Model X are the only other electrified models with the same passenger-carrying ability, but the Mercedes has a shorter range and the Maxus is likely to be significantly cheaper than the Tesla.

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