MG has unveiled a teaser for the new Cyberster electric roadster

The electric car may appear in showrooms in 2024


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MG built much of its reputation on small, affordable roadsters, photos confirm the brand is returning to its roots with a sleek, probably all-electric roadster called the Cyberster.

The images give a clear idea of what the future sports car might look like, but a recently released teaser reveals that the Cyberster will feature bold design details that will set it apart from other Mazda and BMW convertibles.

mg cyberster1.jpg

The Cyberster will get scissor doors that open upwards to reveal a space age interior, with a digital instrument cluster mounted behind the steering column, similar to the one used in the top Tesla Plaid models.

MG could install a variable ratio steering system to make it easier to steer at low speeds. In any case, it's likely that the paddle shifters will be used to adjust the car's brake regeneration settings, considering the Cyberster is likely to be an electric car.

The car could hit the roads in 2024 to coincide with MG's centenary, possibly with the MGC EV badge after parent company SAIC filed for a trademark for the name.

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