Mitsubishi has launched the eK X EV electric kei car.

The company demonstrated an electric kei car, sales of new items will begin this summer.


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The company tried to give its car a similarity with larger models of the brand, primarily crossovers, so the electric car received a lot of black plastic parts. The front part is made in corporate style with an X-shaped radiator grille. Dimensions are identical to the platform Nissan Sakura. The interior was inherited from the gasoline eK X. Weight - 1060 kg.

The eK X EV was developed through a joint venture with Nissan, NKMV Co. Ltd. Mitsubishi's electric car and the just-debuted Nissan Sakura share common components and assemblies. The power plant consists of a single MM48 electric motor, which is also installed on the rear axle of the all-wheel drive Nissan Note. It is located in front and produces 63 hp. Torque - 195 Nm. Top speed is 80 mph.

The 20 kWh lithium-ion battery allows you to drive up to 110 miles on a single charge using the WLTC methodology. It is quite possible to fully charge the battery in eight hours. The electric car also supports fast charging devices, charging up to 80% will take about 40 minutes. The Mitsubishi eK X EV will be $500 more expensive than the Nissan Sakura, starting at $18,700.

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