New all-electric Vauxhall Astra-e 2023

The new eighth-generation model will receive an all-electric variant from 2023


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The firm already has electric vehicles in the form of Corsa-e and Mokka-e and will be joined by Astra-e in hatchback and Sports Tourer wagon forms.

Technical details about Astra-e are known. Stellantis has developed a new STLA Medium electric platform suitable for C and D-segment vehicles such as Astra (family hatchbacks) and Vauxhall Grandland (larger SUVs).

The platform is Stellantis branded version of the eVMP platform which was developed by PSA back when it was a separate company. In fact, this is a further development of the EMP2 platform, which underlies the new Astra in gasoline, diesel and hybrid formats.

Battery packs from 60kWh to 100kWh were originally advertised for the eVMP system when it was a pure PSA project. Since it has been listed on Stellantis as STLA Medium, the group has promised that the platform will deliver electric vehicles capable of driving up to 450 miles on a single charge, more or less in line with the 100kWh maximum power previously confirmed by PSA .

We expect the Astra-e battery to be the same as the upcoming Peugeot e-308 EV given that 308 and Astra already use the same powertrains, battery for 54 kWh and an electric motor with a power of 154 hp. Peugeot claims the e-308 will have a range of over 250 miles - expect a similar amount from the Astra-e.

If the Astra-e follows the design rules set by Corsa-e and Mokka-e, the difference in appearance of the Astra-e will be minimal compared to its internally powered brethren. combustion. A few key identifiers such as the charger cover, different alloy wheels and paint options may be the only real source of differentiation.

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