Sono Motors introduced the production design of the Sion

Planned start of production in the second half of 2023


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Sono Motors is an electric vehicle start-up from Germany whose main goal is to launch an electric vehicle with photovoltaic cells embedded in almost all of its flat surfaces, including fenders and doors. This is another step forward compared to other companies that only install solar panels on the roof of their cars, this makes the car a unique electric vehicle and is now one step closer to production.

The startup recently unveiled an updated version of the Sion SEV solar electric vehicle prototype. In appearance, little has changed, since the car has the same body shape and this is the final serial appearance of the car.

The look has been simplified, with fewer visible lines, and its front and rear panels have received their final production light clusters. There are also new door handles, a new charging port door, a built-in rearview camera that it didn't have before, and overall it certainly doesn't look as put together as the car we saw last year.

Part of the car are 456 solar half-cells that the manufacturer says will provide an average of 112 km (70 miles) of free travel per week, although in ideal conditions this figure can increase to 245 km (150 miles) if you drive a car in a sunny place. Relying solely on its 54kWh battery pack, Sono Sion is expected to have a range of around 305km (190 miles) in the WLTP test cycle, and it can be fast DC charged up to 75kW, while its onboard AC charger delivers a maximum of 11kW.


Production of the solar-powered hatchback will start in the second half of 2023 in Finland. Planned to build 257,000 cars by the end of the decade and it should be popular given its low cost of 25,126 euros and its makers say it will also have one of the lowest ownership costs of any current passenger car .

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