Volkswagen presented the concept of the future Gen.Travel

The concept is positioned as a “mobility forecast for the next decade”


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Volkswagen has a new concept that looks to the future. Gen.Travel is a design study that seems to sit between the sedans and minivan segments and is not meant to be driven, but instead travels around itself in a yet-to-be-realized Level 5 of vehicle autonomy.

Gen.Travel can offer more flexible space for up to four passengers. The electric vehicle is equipped with "gullwing doors". Volkswagen gives several examples of how the cockpit can be used - for business travel, for example, the four seats can face a table in the middle to create a "conference setting". To avoid motion sickness, "dynamic lighting" is used.

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Alternatively, the two seats can fold down into the bed, and an "innovative passenger safety system" keeps two passengers safe when they lie down. Meanwhile, it is believed that special lighting can have a beneficial effect on the human body.

The body design also contributes to passenger comfort. The side windows taper down in the middle, approximately at waist level, which provides a better view of the outside. In the supine position, passengers are protected from the outside world by a window line.

There is also an eABC (Electric Active Body Control) system that pre-learns acceleration, braking and cornering movements and adapts the driving style to suit.

Instead of focusing on the prospect of ownership, Volkswagen describes the all-electric Gen.Travel as a car that will be offered for rent as a mobility service. According to the brand, such a thing could become an alternative to short-haul air travel.

To do this, as well as being able to travel at night without stopping to recharge, Gen.Travel will need a range that is not possible with today's battery technology. The car's press release lacks technical information about the powertrain's proposed performance, as well as how the concept itself, which is a prototype and not a model, is progressing.

It is unlikely that Gen.Travel itself will ever enter production. Instead, it serves as a "research engine" that evaluates customer opinions on a concept. “Based on the results of the study, individual features may be later transferred to production vehicles,” says Volkswagen.

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