Xpeng unveils the G9 electric SUV

The company introduced its first electric car, designed not only for the Chinese, but also for the global market


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The G9 large SUV introduced in China is the fourth production model of Xpeng. This is the new flagship of the manufacturer. G9 has been designed in accordance with international safety and environmental standards and features "supreme intelligence, industry-leading charging capabilities and minimalist design."

The new SUV is the first production model of Xpeng to use the X-EEA 3.0 electric vehicle architecture, which deeply integrates hardware, software and communication technology. In addition, there is the latest driver assistance system Pilot 4.0 and the latest generation drive and charging technology from the company.

Our G9, the flagship smart SUV, represents a new level of sophistication with a global perspective and is integral to our commitment to making mobility smarter, safer, greener.

With the X-EEA 3.0 platform, the G9 uses an 800-volt system that can charge the battery for a range of 200 kilometers in 5 minutes with a charging power of up to 480 kW. In order to be able to use the charging power of 800 volt technology, Xpeng wants to bring appropriate fast charging stations to the market. Xpeng has not yet provided details on the G9 drive technology or when it will launch.

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