Designwerk presents the all-electric High Cab Lowliner

The first customers will start using the High Cab Lowliner in 2023


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With the High Cab, Swiss company Designwerk is bringing the all-electric Lowliner to the road for the first time. The lowered tractor is based on the Volvo FH base chassis. The electric truck should travel up to 280 kilometers on a single charge. The first machines are planned to be put into operation in 2023.

The High Cab Lowliner 4x2T has a hitch height of at least 937 millimeters. This ensures that the vehicle has an internal clear loading height of three meters, as stated in the Designwerk statement. In this way, compared to conventional tractors, logistics service providers can increase volumetric productivity by up to 15%. In other words, from the manufacturer: you can carry 50% more cargo vehicles.

The 40 ton truck has a power output of 500 kW (680 hp) and is equipped with a 1-speed gearbox. The built-in batteries are the result of our own battery development. The manufacturer does not provide details about the cells and information about the constellation of modules or packages. The Lowliner battery has a capacity of 380 kWh. The car can be charged up to 350 kW in less than 45 minutes, which "also meets EU driving times", making the E-Lowliner "the most powerful alternative drive solution". In distributed traffic, this provides maximum usability.

With the first all-electric truck in this vehicle class, we are contributing to sustainable logistics and enable logistics service providers, for example, to operate in areas where diesel is banned

According to the company, the first customers will start using the High Cab Lowliner in 2023. German companies have already applied for funding for 34 units of the High Cab Lowliner.

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