Freze Froggy EV Beachstar electric mini roadster

The car is now available for pre-order with a choice of yellow and grass green livery


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Freze Nikrob EV is now also available as a roadster with the optional Beachstar designation. In the photos you can see a green-yellow version called Freze Froggy EV.

The open model is a derivative of the only 2.92 meter electric car sold in China as the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV.

When an open version of Wuling was presented as a study in China last spring, it was said that it would also appear in Europe. Now it's coming true. The name Froggy has already been used for the public Wuling. It pays homage to VW Froggy, a tuned Beetle convertible.

Froggy is the first and so far the only example of a roadster version. But it shouldn't stay that way. The car is reportedly available for pre-order now with a choice of yellow and grass green livery. In addition to Freze Froggy EV, there will be versions of Freze Froggy Millenium EV, Freze Froggy Millenium Adventure EV and Freze Froggy Millenium Adventure Signature Edition EV, possibly with different hardware or optics options. The driving range of the car should be 305 kilometers. Accordingly, it should be derived from the long-range version of the Freze Nikrob EV, which has a battery capacity of 26.5 kWh and a drive power of 32 kW.

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