Fuso introduces a new generation of eCanter light trucks

Next generation eCanter to premiere in Japan


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Fuso, a subsidiary of Daimler, is introducing a new generation of the all-electric eCanter light truck. In addition to the current 7.5 ton truck, the new vehicle will be available in weight categories from 4.25 to 8.55 tons. The world premiere of the new generation eCanter will take place in Japan.

The European premiere of the eCanter successor is not long in coming: it is scheduled for IAA Transportation at the end of September. Then there will also be details on the new eCanter for specific countries.

However, the following applies to all models – whether in Japan or overseas: unlike its predecessor, the next generation eCanter will feature an electronic axle that integrates the motor into the rear axle, allowing for a more compact drive structure. According to Fuso, this will lead to a significant expansion of the product range: "The new eCanter will include more than 100 variants worldwide, including 28 for the Japanese domestic market".

About the structure of the car: In addition to the already familiar 7.5-ton model, the successor will be available in weight categories from 4.25 to 8.55 tons. As a result, the range of wheelbases and battery options is growing. In particular, the wheelbase varies by more than two meters: the minimum is 2.5 meters, the maximum is 4.75 meters. Three battery options are available depending on available space: Short wheelbase vehicles can be ordered with one 41.3 kWh battery module and a corresponding range of up to 80 km. Medium sized options can hold two battery modules, large options even three battery modules. Analog ranges 140 or 200 km. The Japanese have not yet given any information about the performance of the electronic axis or charging capacity. The charging port is on the right side.

On the other hand, it is already clear that the cabs are further customizable: in addition to the standard cab width (1695 mm), a wider cab (1995 mm) will also be available in the future. Basically, however, Fuso says vehicle lineups, specifications, and equipment specifications vary from market to market, with details on foreign models only to be announced at the time of their market launch.

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