Human Horizons officially launches HiPhi Z

HiPhi is the most expensive local Chinese car brand


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Chinese premium electric vehicle manufacturer Human Horizons has officially launched its second model, called the HiPhi Z. The company said the HiPhi Z is available in five-seat and four-seat versions with a starting price of 610,000 yuan ($88,800) and 630,000 yuan respectively.

To date, HiPhi is the most valuable local Chinese car brand, with the six-seat version of the HiPhi X SUV launched in October 2020 starting at 570,000 yuan and the four-seat version starting at 800,000 yuan.

The electric car is a coupe with a length of 5,036 mm, a width of 2,018 mm, a height of 1,439 mm and a wheelbase of 3,150 mm. The model is available with 120kWh and 94.2kWh battery packs and has three CLTC ranges: 705km, 655km and 560km.

HiPhi Z is equipped with two engines, both front and rear, with a peak power of 247 kW. Their total maximum power is 494 kW, and the maximum torque is 820 Nm, which allows the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds.

The model is equipped with a suspended rear wing, which opens automatically when the car reaches a speed of 80 km/h, or the user can turn it on and off manually if necessary. According to the company, at a speed of 200 km/h, the rear wing provides 468 N of downforce.

The model is equipped with second-generation programmable matrix headlights through which you can watch movies, which makes the car a mobile private cinema. HiPhi Z is equipped with 32 driver assistance sensors including one LiDAR, 13 cameras, five millimeter wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars and a maximum forward detection range of 250 meters.

Due to the high price, HiPhi does not see as high monthly sales as other mass-market oriented brands. In July, the HiPhi brand sold 526 units. In total, the brand has sold a total of 3,110 vehicles this year.

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