Ree Automotive has unveiled an all-electric van with a payload capacity of 2 tons

The car uses drive modules from Ree Corner


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(Source: electrive.com)
(Source: electrive.com)

Ree Automotive has unveiled another all-electric van based on its P7 platform. The vehicle uses Ree Corner drive modules, which qualifies as a Class 3 electric truck in the US.

The company says the P7-B has a gross weight of 6.4 tons and a payload of 2 tons. Its power reaches 400 kW, and the power reserve is 240 kilometers.

The high peak power of the van is due to the concept of drive modules: the "Ree Corner" modules contain all the important components from the chassis and steering to the power electronics and the 100 kW electric motor. Since there is one such module in each corner of the P7-B, four 100 kW engines are installed in the van. Because each module has its own steering, the van has all-wheel drive and a turning radius of just six meters.

Due to the fact that the engines are located close to the wheels in the corner modules, and not in the center, the space between the wheels can be used as a loading area. It is only 58 centimeters above the ground, the P7-B load volume is up to 23 cubic meters.

In July, Ree Automotive already introduced the Proxima Class 6 electric vehicle for the US with a gross payload of up to 8.9 tonnes. Both cars share the same technology but are in different size classes. The new P7-B is part of a fleet that will be made available to potential customers for a test drive. Two vehicles are planned for production in both North America and the UK.

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