Scania unveils all-electric 64-ton truck

The car will carry wood


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(Source: electrive.com)
(Source: electrive.com)

Scania delivered to timber processing company SCA an all-electric truck specially designed for transporting timber, weighing up to 64 tons on public roads and up to 80 tons on private roads.

The car will transport the wood to the SCA terminal and to the paper mill. A trial run will be held first in the summer, during which the Skogfor Research Institute will collect data for comparison with diesel-powered timber trucks. The electric heavy-duty vehicle will then enter regular SCA service.

The car was developed by Scania in close collaboration with SCA and Scogford Research Institute. As reported, Scania is also looking for SCA not only timber trucks, but also battery-electric trucks in the extra-long and weight categories over 60 tons: this winter, the first example was handed over to supplier Wibax.

At the time, Scania reported that the car itself weighed 10.8 tons - about 1.5 tons more than its diesel counterpart. Among other things, this is due to the installed nine batteries, which have a total energy capacity of about 300 kWh.

In the case of the timber truck for SCA, the vehicle is charged by an ABB 180kW charger at the paper mill. According to the statement, the paper mill has already implemented "a production process with virtually no use of fossil fuels", in particular, we are talking about 96 percent of the production process. The new vehicle is now designed to "reduce fossil elements in the chain of transport of raw materials to the mill".

The machine is expected to make six rotations per day (from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm) between the logging station and the paper mill. One round trip is about 30 kilometers and SCA has calculated 75 minutes for the trip (including loading and unloading). With just one vehicle, you can save 55 tons of CO2 per year on the route.

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