Tevva launches production and supply of electric trucks

The electric truck is available in right and left hand drive


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British electric truck developer Tevva has started series production of its 7.5-ton battery electric vehicles in Tilbury, Essex. The first production model has already been delivered to Kinaxia Logistics. There will be information on the planned European rollout at the IAA.

According to Tevva, the 7.5-ton truck achieves a range of up to 110 miles (180 kilometers) in pure electric mode and up to 272 miles (440 kilometers) with an activated fuel cell range extender. The electric truck is available in right and left hand drive. When Tevva first introduced the 7.5 ton FC range extender truck in September 2021, it was still said that production would start in July 2022. For start-ups, a two-month delay seems pretty short, assuming Tevva can keep up production and scale up afterwards.

After all, according to plans, an expansion will take place soon: the 7.5-ton truck is only the first model in the entire truck family with such a drive concept. In addition to the familiar model, a 12-ton truck and a 19-ton variant are planned. Tevva plans to introduce the latter at IAA Transportation next week.

At the exhibition in Hannover, the company will also talk in detail about its plans for continental Europe. This will likely also be linked to new manufacturing facilities, with the announcement saying the company has a "build where we sell" philosophy.

In the announcement of the start of production, Tevva also gives some insight into the testing phase. During thermal tests in the Spanish Sierra Nevada, a 7.5-ton truck with a 2.5-ton load repeatedly drove through mountain passes up to 2,500 meters high. They say that "there was no noticeable drop in performance." By the way, this is also the result of cold tests in Finland, 300 km north of the Arctic Circle.

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