Honda has introduced a new generation of Civic e:HEV.

Honda has unveiled the eleventh generation of the compact Civic, with the e:HEV hybrid as standard.


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(Source: ecomento.de)
(Source: ecomento.de)

The new Civic's standard hybrid powertrain combines a lithium-ion battery pack and two compact electric motors with a 2.0-liter direct-injection petrol engine. The electric motor develops a maximum power of 135 kW/183 hp. and maximum torque of 315 Nm.

The electric motor is the main source of energy. The compact high voltage control unit is now located in the engine compartment along with two electric motors. Under the rear seats is the IPU (Intelligent Power Unit) that houses the battery, which is thinner, lighter and has a higher energy density than its latest generation. The drive system features seamless switching between electric drive, hybrid drive and motor drive without driver intervention. There are four modes available: Eco, Normal, Sport and individual mode. Individual mode combines driving, steering and dashboard display modes. e:HEV The main component, which is a direct drive, provides low mechanical friction and is controlled by an intelligent power management system to optimize the drive according to the driving situation.

The interior can be touch screen 9 inches. The maximum configuration has a 10.2-inch HD color display. Smartphones can be integrated into the infotainment system via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

The new Civic is also equipped with a large array of Honda "Sensing" safety features and assistance systems. New 100-degree wide-angle front camera, new and improved detection technology for pedestrians, lane markings, borders and other vehicles, including motorcycles and bicycles. The car is also equipped with sonar sensors for the first time - four in the front and four in the rear. Also included in the package of the car: a collision warning system, a lane departure warning system, as well as intelligent adaptive cruise control. Safety features include blind spot assistant, parking assistant and traffic jam assistant.

The market launch of the new Civic in Europe is scheduled for autumn 2022. Prices have not yet been published.

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