The new Dacia Duster will get hybrid all-wheel drive.

The third generation model will debut in Europe in 2024.


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The second generation Dacia Duster, which was released in 2017, as well as its planned restyling in 2021, is preparing for a full-fledged generational change. It will take place in 2024, some technical details are already known.

The car, following the current European models Logan, Sandero and Jogger "Duster", will change the Global Access platform to CMF-B. The result of such a transition will not only be the emergence of modern electronic systems, but also the rejection of the traditional all-wheel drive with a cardan shaft and a clutch. The rear wheels will no longer be connected to the internal combustion engine: they will be rotated by a separate electric motor, that is, the 4x4 scheme will be offered only in a hybrid version.

In the third generation, the Dacia Duster will ditch diesel in favor of the E-Tech gasoline-electric unit, which is known from a number of Renault and Nissan models. At the same time, purely gasoline units developing from 100 to 150 hp should be preserved.

Outwardly, the Duster should become similar to its older brother Bigster, which has so far been shown only as a concept, and they are going to launch the series only in 2025.

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