Battery maker Gotion increases its production capacity

Volkswagen acquires Gotion as battery development and manufacturing partner


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Last fall, Chinese battery maker Gotion High-Tech significantly increased its mid-term production plan for 2025. An annual production capacity of 300 GWh is planned. Part of it is said to have come from a German site in Göttingen. At the final stage of the expansion, it is planned to produce 18 GWh per year here. VW can benefit from this.

To reach its 2025 goal, Gotion plans to set up several battery factories: it was only at the end of July 2021 that the company announced that it would build a factory with an annual production capacity of 20 GWh in its country. Among other things, from 2023, new VW Group element cells should be produced there, with which the German manufacturer will begin mass production of electric vehicles. Volkswagen has also acquired Gotion as a battery development and manufacturing partner at the Salzgitter plant. Production is scheduled to start in 2025.

With advanced Gotion High-Tech LFP(lithium ferrophosphate) battery technology, experienced German workers, strict quality control and high quality requirements in Europe, we aim to reach customers in energy storage, commercial and passenger vehicles into the future to meet the demand of new, to satisfy the energy market in Europe and help Gotion High-Tech accelerate its expansion into overseas markets

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