Batteryloop builds three storage systems from old Mercedes batteries

The company will use batteries for stationary energy storage in the future


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Batteryloop, a subsidiary of Stena Recycling specialized in connecting used batteries for electric vehicles, will also use Mercedes-Benz batteries for stationary energy storage in the future.

The company has received three orders for its BLESS III storage system, each with a capacity of 2.8 MW, to be installed in Sweden. Disused batteries from Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles will be used here.

The first energy storage system will be installed in Karlshamn Kommune and will stabilize the local power grid and reduce power peaks. System number two goes to Humlestaden. In the southwestern part of Høgsbo, Ikano Båstad and Stena Fastigeter are planning to build a new area with 3,000 new apartments, a warehouse to be used for frequency trading services. In addition, Batteryloop will install an energy storage system for recycled car batteries at the Stena Nordic recycling center in Halmstad. This means that two out of three orders are related to other Stena subsidiaries.

The fact that our energy storage systems are made from recycled batteries from the automotive industry is resource efficient and climate friendly. We also optimally control our BLESS with our specially designed digital services platform. To succeed in electrifying society and achieving desired climate goals, reuse and innovative solutions are critical

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