Bentley delays launch of first electric car to 2026

The first car of premium brand VW Audi has also been postponed until the end of 2026


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British luxury brand Bentley is being forced to delay its first electric car from 2025 to 2026, CEO Adrian Hallmark said. The car, which is expected to be a coupe, will be unveiled as planned in 2025, Hallmark said. The delay was only "a matter of a few months".

Bentley's parent company Volkswagen is currently working on building new electric vehicles on the new Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) electrical architecture. The first VW Audi premium brand car from the SSP project has also been reportedly delayed to late 2026.

In late 2020, Bentley announced that by 2030 it would eliminate internal combustion engines from its lineup and transition its entire lineup to all-electric vehicles. The manufacturer is investing 2.5 billion pounds (about 3 billion euros), among other things, to make its production facility in Crewe, England, suitable for electric vehicles. As an interim goal, the luxury brand wants to offer only plug-in hybrid and all-electric models by 2026 at the latest. There are currently two electrified models in the British range: the Flying Spur and Bentayga plug-in hybrids.

By launch, Bentley's first electric car will be the brand's flagship model. An option that would cost more than 250,000 euros is being considered, Hallmark said in an interview earlier this year. Hallmark says the higher price is unrelated to the cost of the battery, which is otherwise the most expensive component in electric vehicles. On the contrary: the battery is cheaper than the 12-cylinder engines that the manufacturer usually installs in its luxury cars.

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