Bentley wants to offer only electric vehicles from 2030

With Volkswagen's transition to electric vehicles, Bentley, a luxury subsidiary, is also working on electrifying them


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The British brand wants to offer only electric vehicles from 2030. By 2025, a new all-electric car will enter the market every year.

According to Bentley, people's attitudes towards electric vehicles are changing in a positive direction. In surveys of their customers and people in the same buyer group a few years ago, 40% said they could imagine buying a luxury electric car. Two years ago, that number increased to 49%. Today this figure is over 60%.

The company considers the lack of charging infrastructure the biggest hurdle to moving to electric vehicles, but in five to seven years this will no longer be a problem as the tipping point has arrived. The high share of green electricity is of great importance, which is crucial for the extent to which electric vehicles reduce CO2 emissions compared to internal combustion engines.

Recall that the first all-electric car Bentley, announced for 2025.

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