BMW has launched the production of electric vehicles at a new plant in China.

The launch of production, which cost $2.2 billion, will allow the company to increase the production of electric vehicles.


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The Lydia plant became the third BMW manufacturing plant in China. It will allow the company to increase the production of cars in the world's largest market to 830,000 units per year. For comparison, 700,000 cars left the assembly line in 2021. As specified in the company, the production lines are designed in such a way as to flexibly adjust the production of electric vehicles in accordance with market demand.

The first to roll off the line at the Lydia factory is the electric i3 sedan. By 2023, BMW will increase the number of electric vehicle models to 13. The electric vehicle market in China is growing at a rapid pace, with sales more than doubling in just one year. The Chinese EV market is dominated by Tesla and local brands like BYD, while General Motors and Volkswagen lag behind.

In the first 5 months of 2022, almost a quarter of all cars sold were electric vehicles, according to the China Automobile Manufacturers Association. BMW sold more than 200,000 vehicles in China in the first quarter, down 9.2% from last year.

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