BMW introduces Plug&Charge

Plug&Charge will be available in the first BMW models from mid-2023


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From mid-2023, the Plug&Charge function will be available in the first BMW models, which customers can use to get electricity from public charging stations without a charging card or app. The authentication required to start the charging and billing process takes place automatically through data exchange between the vehicle and the charging station.

At the same time, the "BMW Charging" service is expanding its product portfolio with this feature provided by BMW's subsidiary Digital Charging Solutions. The new functionality also provides Plug&Charge access to the European Ionity fast charging network initiated by BMW.

Plug&Charge is a feature that makes it easy to charge an electric vehicle battery: the customer only needs to connect the charging point to their car's charging socket – not only electricity, but also data is transferred through the charging cable. There is no need to activate the power supply with an app or charging card. Instead, the vehicle authenticates itself by transmitting the customer's contract data. As a result, the supplied electricity is automatically billed at the end of the charging process.

The flexibility of the offer is unique: the BMW Group is the first car manufacturer to integrate multi-contract functionality into its Plug&Charge offer. This allows customers to store their individual traction current contracts from at least five different suppliers digitally in the vehicle and is especially convenient to use the charging stations of these operators. For this, the current and future standards ISO-15118-2 and ISO 15118-20 are integrated

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