BMW plans 'New Class' car platform

By the end of the decade, 'New Class' should account for over half of global sales


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BMW CEO Oliver Zipse announces the next big step for the Bavarian premium car manufacturer. At the start of the new class, the company is planning a compact sedan in the 3 Series segment and a sport utility vehicle. By the end of the decade, New Class should account for over half of global sales. This may also include hydrogen powered vehicles.

Our new class will appear in 2025. Just at the right time, when the development of e-mobility is reaching a new level. The new class will further accelerate the market penetration of electric vehicles

For the time being, BMW is still building its electric vehicles on platforms that also allow for plug-in hybrids and classic combustion vehicles. The new class was originally supposed to support an internal combustion engine, but is now likely to be a purely electric architecture.

In the second half of the year, the company expects sales of the all-electric small SUV BMW iX1 and BMW i3, the long battery-powered version of the 3 Series for China, to grow. The new all-electric BMW i7 will hit dealerships from November. Next year, the i5 will be the mainstream electric vehicle in the new BMW 5 Series.

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