BMW will create a new generation electric car.

Develop and manufacture the next generation of electric drives at its motor plant in Steyr, Upper Austria, with a target of 600,000 electric drives per year.


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In Austria, BMW wants to produce the rotor, stator, gearbox, inverter and housing for the sixth generation of its electronic drives, and then also assemble them on two new assembly lines. The housing for the current fifth generation, which will be used in all new electric BMW from iX3 onwards, is already being produced at the Steyr factory. The assembly of components produced in Steyr will take place at the newly expanded electric drive facility in Dingolfing, Germany.

The Steyr plant plans to manufacture over 600,000 actuators per year - in parallel with over 500,000 actuators in Dingolfind. For these tasks, the existing production areas will be converted into Steyr and new areas will be created. The two-story production hall will house two lines for the assembly of electric drives, including the assembly of gearboxes. The new building will also be used for the production of power electronics. The second new building will expand the logistics areas. BMW says that the production area will be increased by approximately 60,000 square meters.

In total, the German automaker is investing around 1 billion euros in Steyr by 2030, in order to make the plant carbon neutral in addition to the production of electric drives, in line with the iFactory strategy. No later than 2025, the plant must cover one hundred percent of its energy needs from renewable sources - "through clean electricity and district heating from regional biomass." Currently, the plant is still dominated by internal combustion engines.

We are strengthening Steyr's location by continuing to expand expertise in electric drive technology, with a completely new drivetrain being developed here in Austria for the first time.

By 2030, about half of our 4,400 employees will work in electric vehicles. It is also a huge step towards securing jobs here at the BMW Group plant in Steyr for the long term.

The automaker has yet to mention technical data about the sixth generation of BMW electronic actuators, so far only describing a "high-performance electronic actuator" "that will set a new class of performance."

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