Bollinger unveils first B4 medium-duty electric truck

The car was designed from scratch


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American electric vehicle startup Bollinger Motors unveils the B4 electric truck. The electric vehicle complies with the American class of vehicles with a gross weight of 6.4 to 7.2 tons. The debut follows the latest Bollinger strategy change announced in January.

Bollinger Motors has announced it will focus on commercial electric vehicles after failing to launch its first consumer pickup trucks. CEO Robert Bollinger delayed B1 and B2 on social media. Focusing on commercial vehicles will allow the company to further develop its technology and thus have a significant "impact on the sustainable future of automobiles". In other words, Bollinger saw a larger market for commercial electric vehicles, despite all the passion for off-road models.

The announced Bollinger B4 is electrically powered on the rear axle and uses an 800 volt platform with LFP batteries. Customers can choose between one or two battery packs, each module is rated for approximately 100 miles (160 km), resulting in a maximum range of 200 miles.

Unlike previous consumer-facing pickups, Bollinger opted for a cab-forward truck and says it designed the vehicle from the ground up. Details on the B4's market launch and pricing will come later.

The electric truck was a radical change from our previous concepts. This was done on purpose. We have listened to our commercial customers and developed what they need for maximum efficiency

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