Bosch starts producing drives for light commercial electric vehicles

Daimler Truck to use new electric drives as launch customer


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Bosch is launching a new electric drive for vans, small and medium trucks. The new drive consists of an electric motor and a built-in inverter. The German car supplier already has Daimler Truck as a launch customer.

Bosch says the entire drive can also be called a 2-in-1 drive, weighing around 80kg. Efficiency is a special feature: Bosch has reduced electrical losses by more than 20% thanks to new power semiconductors that provide an inverter efficiency of 97%.

During the design process, the engineers took the inverter from the components of a passenger car. The company says that this has significantly accelerated development and reduced costs. The drive shares a water cooling circuit with the battery, eliminating the need for an additional oil-based cooling circuit. Since the speeds are higher compared to the predecessor engine, this means that a single speed gearbox should also be sufficient. The new microcontrollers have higher processing power, allowing them to process "complex motor control algorithms in milliseconds." At the same time, the drive behavior software can be configured.

Compared to its predecessors, the new unit delivers even higher power and torque density, as well as being even lighter and more compact

The company says the flexible design will make the drive module even easier to integrate into existing and new vehicle models.

The electric drive will make its debut at Daimler Truck, where the new electric drive will be used for the first time with support for a DC/DC converter and a central control unit from Bosch for the transmission. The maximum power is 129 kilowatts, and the constant power is 100 kilowatts. For short periods, a permanently excited synchronous machine can generate a torque of 430 Nm. The supplier specifies a maximum vehicle weight of 8.5 tonnes.

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