Canada has announced funding for 6,000 electric vehicle chargers

The total investment is 45 million Canadian dollars


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Hydro Québec or Shell Canada benefit from these funds.

Hydro Québec received the bulk of the bank and will spend $4.6 million to install up to 840 electric vehicle chargers in Quebec. The company aims to complete the project by March 2024 and says it will select public spaces based on demand. Shell Canada received $3.95 million to install 79 electric vehicle chargers at 37 retail outlets.

Government beneficiaries include the Prince Edward Island Department of the Environment, which will install up to 250 electric vehicle chargers on the island with $2 million in funding. The British Columbia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure has received $1.7 million to install 128 electric vehicle chargers in Burnaby and throughout British Columbia.

Other projects include Peak Power Inc., Eco-West Canada, and the Manitoba Automobile Dealers Association. The latter received $2 million to install up to 300 electric vehicle chargers throughout Manitoba, including for light commercial electric vehicles.

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Tailor 2 months ago

a very important decision, with such fuel prices, it is necessary to build electric filling stations as soon as possible, and high-speed

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