China installed 87,000 electric vehicle charging stations in just a month.

The two companies account for more than a third of all charges.


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China is very actively continuing to build charging stations for electric vehicles. For one of the biggest markets for electric vehicles, you need a lot of charging stations. There are already 1.419 million of them in the country. At the same time, about 87,000 stations were installed in May alone, which is one of the most significant increases in recent times. For comparison, there were about 900,000 stations in May 2021, an increase of over 60% over the year.

In May, total electricity consumption for charging electric vehicles in China amounted to 1.56 billion kWh per month, which is 83.1% more than the figures taken in May 2021. The monthly increase was 10%.

There are currently 15 leading charging station companies in China. At the same time, the two largest - Xingxing Charge and Special Call - account for more than 500,000 stations, that is, more than a third of all charges in the country.

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