Circontrol launches 400 kW fast chargers in Madrid

The charging node can provide 2.5 MW of charging power for electric vehicles


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The Spanish charging station manufacturer Circontrol has launched its first 400 kW chargers on the market and installed them in the most powerful urban charging hub in Spain, which was opened in the center of Madrid.

The project in Madrid was equipped with four new 400kW ultra-fast chargers, four 200kW chargers and four more 50kW chargers, for a total of twelve fast chargers. In total, this charging hub can now provide 2.5 MW of charging power for electric vehicles and will be operated by public transport operator Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid (EMT).

With the installation of four Raption 400s in Canalejas, the company has once again demonstrated its ability to keep up with a market that is increasingly demanding more powerful and faster chargers

Circontrol, like many other manufacturers, has experienced supply line problems over the past year, but also opened a new test lab in Barcelona last September. Since then, the company has apparently refocused on delivering fast-charging products and has released several products not featured in the new charging location, including the 150kW Raption 150 Compact and the 350kW Raption 350. Both of these products were launched in 2021.

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