The combination of Redwood Materials and Toyota for cooperation.

The companies have teamed up to collect and recycle electric vehicle batteries.


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Japanese manufacturer Toyota will recycle EV batteries in partnership with US recycler Redwood Materials. Batteries will be refurbished or disassembled into materials that are used to create new ones.

The plans of Redwood Materials, founded by former Tesla CTO J. B. Strobel, includes the creation of a "closed supply chain for electric vehicles" - batteries from old cars will be recycled into batteries for new ones.

The companies have focused on the "first wave of electric vehicles", with a lifespan of more than 20 years. Recycling will start with the first generation Toyota Prius.

Technologies and methods of Redwood Materials have not yet been tested by time. The company only launched a program to work with end-of-life electric vehicles in February 2022. The partners of Redwood Materials are American Ford and Swedish Volvo.

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