Delivery services are becoming more electric

More and more electric parcel vans hit the roads of megacities


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More and more postal and delivery services are switching to electricity. The US Postal Service recently announced that it will double the number of purchased electric delivery vans to over 25,000 vehicles. Deutsche Post/DHL has been operating one of the largest electric vehicle fleets in Germany since 2019: 10,000 street scooters developed and produced in-house and around 12,000 electric bicycles.

But the street scooters they designed and built themselves failed. Burnt batteries, high production and maintenance costs led DHL to abandon the production of electric vans and finally sold the production rights. By 2023, DHL intends to invest seven billion euros in environmentally neutral logistics. The Street Scooter Gigabox, which can carry up to 240 parcels in its twelve cubic meters of cargo space - electrically, should of course bring more success.

Delivery giant Amazon not only travels the world with 1,800 Mercedes eVito and eSprinter vans, but also developed its own delivery van with American electric vehicle startup Rivian.

We need to continue to innovate and partner with automakers like Mercedes-Benz to decarbonize the transportation sector and fight the climate crisis. Build the world's greenest vehicle fleet and we'll rush to get these vehicles on the road this year

The US delivery giant originally ordered 100,000 delivery vehicles in 2019, which are officially named EDVs - Electric Delivery Vans - and should be delivered by the end of 2024.

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