Einride has ordered 110 electric trucks from Scania.

Einride has placed an order with Scania for 110 electric trucks, Scania's largest order to date.


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As Scania announced, 110 electric trucks are to be put into service by Einride across Europe during this year and in the first half of 2023. The Scania BEV truck has a power of 230 kW and is available with 165 and 300 kWh batteries, for a range of up to 250 km. Customers can also choose between L and P-series driver cabs. Scania did not specify which combination Einride chose, saying that 110 vehicles will be built "to Einride equipment specifications."

Einride will use Saga's own software to make electric transport "efficient and streamlined". According to the announcement, Scania will be able to use the raw data collected in this way from the Saga software for further joint product development.

It was worth working with Einride on new joint technical solutions and digital services that will contribute to the sustainable development of our industry

We look forward to starting this important partnership as we expand in Europe, these 110 trucks will make a significant contribution to our fleet expansion as we continue to work with established industry players such as Scania to drive innovation and product development across the global transport industry

Einride also ordered 120 electric trucks from Mercedes-Benz eActros in December 2021.

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