Electric Chevrolet Silverado EV receives 150,000 pre-orders

The Chevrolet Silverado EV is a direct competitor to the Ford F-150 Lightning


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Earlier this week, General Motors CEO Mary Barra spoke after the company's second-quarter financial results were released and said 150,000 people had pre-ordered the electric pickup. At the same time, about 65% of orders came from customers who had not previously bought GM cars.

The electric Silverado EV was introduced in January of this year. Just a few hours after its official debut, the company announced that its special edition RST First Edition sold out in just 12 minutes. In this configuration, the power of the electric motors will reach 664 hp and 1056 Nm With the optional Wide Open Watts Mode (WOW) package, the Silverado EV will be able to accelerate to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. The pickup has a load capacity of 590 kg and is capable of towing trailers weighing up to 4.5 tons. At the same time, at the start of sales Silverado EV will be available only in the most expensive versions, only in 2024 will the basic versions appear on the market.

In addition, Mary Barra also reported that about 80,000 people have booked the GMC Hummer EV. These are no small numbers when you consider that the revived Hummer costs a hefty $79,995. At the same time, 75% of pre-orders come from people who are also interested in GM products for the first time.

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